What To Have in Your Baby Medicine Cabinet

I can’t believe Grayson is already 2 weeks old! Time is flying by and he is growing by the hour. We have already had 2 pediatrician appointments and he exceeded his birth weight at 1 week old, he is an overachiever. We also discussed what medications we should have available for Grayson and what medicines were off-limits for his age. Her recommendations for medicines were none! No Tylenol until 6 weeks and no ibuprofen until 3 months. We were to call the office if he gets sick, that is it. Still, we have a medicine box for Grayson with some essentials that I feel are very useful to already have available.

Baby medicine cabinet

  • A good thermometer: We went with a thermometer that measured temperature in the ear. Other options are axillary, oral, or rectal.

  • Nail Clippers and File: The thought of trimming Grayson’s nails scared me beyond words! We went with the NailFrida for clippers and they are really easy to use. I didn’t like the file they provide so we bought a couple different ones to try. The Baby Bear is a glass file and the Little Martin’s Nail Trimmer is an electric nail file for every stage of life. It even has some attachments for mom!

  • NoseFrida and nasal saline: I originally just bought the NoseFrida to help remove nose congestion. When we got back from the hospital, Grayson had a pretty congested left nostril. We tried the NoseFrida and it helped a small amount. The next time we tried it, we first used the Little Remedies nasal saline and then the NoseFrida and these products worked great together!

  • Fridababy Windi: This one takes some time to wrap your mind around but when it works, you will fall in love. The concept is pretty basic, a tube that you apply vaseline to one tip and insert into your baby’s rectum. This relieves gas (and likely stool) that may be causing belly discomfort and colic. I have had to use it once and it definitely worked immediately.

  • Vitamin D: If your baby is only receiving breast milk, your pediatrician will likely recommend a vitamin D supplement. Always speak to your doctor before giving your baby and supplements or medications.
  • Enfamil 5% glucose: This was given to us at the hospital and I will keep it for a rainy day. It is highly unlikely I will ever need to use it but I keep it just in case!
  • Extra medicine syringes: These were also given to us at the hospital and I kept them to have on hand.

  • CPR and Emergency Reference Card: I keep this for emergencies. This is from the hospital I work at so a lot of it is not useful outside of the hospital. But it does have the algorithm for infant and child CPR and choking. When you get your CPR certification, you should also get one of these. Despite all the medical training, when your child is not breathing, it is panic mode. Keeping this card close makes sure you remember all the steps for CPR.

On the inside of the medicine box, I also taped a sheet with normal temperature range, the pediatricians phone number, and poison control phone number. I have all of these available in my phone, but they are nice to have handy for any middle of the night emergencies. Once Grayson is old enough, I will add in children’s Tylenol and Motrin. Until then, I leave them out so they aren’t accidentally given.

Do you have any other medical necessities available for baby? If so, let me know in the comments!

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