Pregnancy Symptoms I Didn’t Know About

Pregnancy Symptoms

With as much as women talk to each other, you would think there wouldn’t be any surprises during the pregnancy. Someone, somewhere out there would have mentioned just about everything that is possible. But that wasn’t the case for me. Even having done tons of reading plus being in the medical field, there were still a few symptoms I didn’t know about.

4 Unexpected Pregnancy Symptoms

  1. Bloody Noses:

    My first trimester I had a few bloody noses that came out of nowhere. Once I was in my second trimester, I would blow my nose every morning and it would be bloody! I also had sporadic bloody noses, mostly that would wake me in the middle of the night. I spoke to my Ob and she reassured me this was normal with the extra blood production from pregnancy, plus my seasonal allergies. If you are getting bloody noses, bring it up to your Ob because you want to make sure you don’t have high blood pressure. Otherwise, you can use nasal saline and place some Vaseline in the nares to keep things moisturized.

  2. Sharp Pains Below Ribs:

    I would get these sharp, superficial pains right at the bottom of my rib cage in the middle of my belly. The whole area was pretty sensitive in fact. After a little research, turns out these pains are the ligaments in between the abdominal muscles that are stretching out. Depending on how tight those ligaments are, some women feel this while others don’t. This isn’t concerning but always let your doctor know about pains during pregnancy.

  3. First Trimester Bloating:

    I talked about this before but it was still a surprise. I had heard that you bloat during the first trimester, but it was not the same as the bloat I experienced in the past. My pants did not fit by 3pm every day, it was that bad. It is a bloat unlike no other!

  4. Congestion:

    My nose has been congested every day since my second trimester. It mostly only happens at night and I wake in the morning with puffy eyes and a nose full of mucous. I usually blow my nose for a few minutes every morning before I can breathe again. I was never sick and it wasn’t my typical allergies. Just lots of nightly mucus. Unfortunately, I never found a good remedy for this.

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  1. Did you try using NeilMed sinus saline rinse in the morning? Adding a teaspoon to a tablespoon of Alkalol nasal wash ( available at Reasors pharmacy OTC) also helps moisturize your nose. All safe to use in pregnancy!

    1. I use a nasal saline spray followed by Vaseline jelly to help the bloody noses but I don’t think the saline helped much with the congestion, unfortunately.

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