Pregnancy Reading for Before, During, and After

The act of bringing a child into this world is overwhelming, your pregnancy reading shouldn’t be!

Pregnancy Reading

Feeling unprepared and stressed is very normal for most expecting parents. Fortunately we live in the age of information and technology and we can educate ourselves on what is about to come. But too much of a good thing is also a problem. If you start googling, God knows whats right or wrong, and please avoid those forums! But the parenting section in a book store is also no laughing matter. There are so many books with different opinions, it is overwhelming. Pregnancy reading shouldn’t be overwhelming if you start with the basics.

I have my 3 favorite pregnancy books here:

These are a good start into some of the basics and will help guide you through most of your concerns.

Pregnancy Reading

  1. Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy: This is EXTREMELY comprehensive, no light reading here. This book covers preconception through first weeks home with baby. I found this best to have available throughout my pregnancy. Initially I would read along as the first half of the book goes month-by-month on what to expect. I started using it more as a reference manual half-way through my pregnancy because it just became too dense for me. I also really liked that there were lots of extras about specific symptoms, exercises that are safe at each trimester of pregnancy, and in what instances you need to call your doctor. This book can sometimes feel like reading a textbook, but the information is based on science so you can trust it.
  2. The Happiest Baby on the Block: Sleep training is a big topic now and as I reached my this trimester, I began to research the different methods. But as I learned more about it, I couldn’t find an in-between method I liked. Not completely a cry-it-out version, but not wanting a 1-year old that woke every 4 hours. Then I cam across this book and felt a little more prepared for the first few weeks at home. This is an opinion book so if you don’t agree with this method, that’s ok! Remember, every parent is different. What I liked about this was it found ways to soothe your baby and help him sleep more naturally on his own. It focuses on something called the “fourth trimester” and it breaks down colic. After reading this book, I felt very reassured that I was able to manage a fussy baby. It also let me put off sleep training until about 4 months of age, and hopefully it won’t even be needed by then!
  3. The Expectant Father: This is probably the best book for dads. Some fathers want to know everything and others want to just help in any way they can. What I like about this book is that it is very practical advice for dads. It touches on everything from sex to college funds. If your partner is much of a reader, this would make a great gift.

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