Myrtle Beach For The Day

Marwan and I have been missing the beach so much lately. When we found out one of our interviews was only one hour away from Myrtle Beach, we couldn’t help ourselves!

Myrtle Beach

Growing up near the beach, I didn’t realize exactly how amazing being close to the ocean was. Once I moved to Tulsa for residency and was land-locked, I recognized how much I need to be near the ocean! There is just something different in the air when you are near the ocean. Hearing the waves crash and the seagulls caw, feeling the ocean breeze in you hair. It is the most relaxing and calming feeling. It’s something you can’t buy at a spa or fake with a noise maker, it is just amazing.

Myrtle Beach

With limited time, we decided to walk up and down the boardwalk for most of the day. We just enjoyed the sights and the sounds of the ocean and the attractions. Even though it was the middle of October, there were still plenty of beach-goers enjoying the last days of sunshine. Afterwards, we caught a ride on the giant Ferris Wheel. The ride gave us an incredible view up and down the coastline and I would recommend it when needing to get away from the noise and heat of the boardwalk.

Myrtle Beach

Later we grabbed lunch at Pier 14. With that view they could serve me cardboard and I would be happy! But the food was delicious, Marwan and I shared the fish & chips that the waiter recommended, and it did not disappoint. After lunch we drove south down the coast to see the less touristic areas. Next time, I will definitely stay in the more southern parts of Myrtle Beach, away from the crowds.

Even just one day at the beach was enough to make me happy. A short day trip can be just the thing to take your mind off work and just enjoy doing nothing.

Where are your favorite local vacation spots where you can completely unwind and disconnect?

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