Minimalist Baby? 10 products You Still Need

I admit it, I underestimated what it means to be pregnant!

I just assumed I would easily be working right up to the point I went into labor. It never crossed my mind that this was not a good plan. Call it arrogance or ignorance, but I just thought it was work as normal with the added point of carrying around a belly. Nope, not even close! I spent weeks 31 to 35 working 12 hour shifts in the ICU, 6 days a week. Besides the awful hours, the intense work was just exhausting. With that said, I think you can tell I disappeared the past few weeks, with little energy to update

Baby Shower Time!

Now that I have caught up on some much needed sleep, here are the latest updates in our baby preparations. Marwan and I are getting so close to welcoming our little bundle of joy! Last week we were overjoyed to have our baby shower with our family and friends. We celebrated our child and all the changes to our life we are about to experience. After the shower, we quickly realized that one big change would be Grayson’s stuff taking over our one bedroom apartment!

Baby Shower

Minimalist Baby

Our Minimalist Baby Dreams

We are planning a move in July for new jobs so we had this great minimalist plan for the first few months of Grayson’s life. We would keep it simple with just the basics like a bassinet, diapers, and basic feeding supplies. But it turns out, babies need more stuff. Plus, who can resist all those cute baby clothes! While I have purchased some non-essentials along the way, I have tried to keep true to the minimalist baby purchases.

My 10 Bare Minimum Items for a Minimalist Baby

  1. Stroller: We went with a travel system so our car seat and stroller came together. Make sure you go to a baby store to give the stroller a test drive first.
  2. Car seat: You can’t leave the hospital without this, so this should be a first buy item. Take it to any fire department and they will ensure proper car installation.
  3. Bassinet: While it is very fun to create a nursery, your child will likely be sleeping right next to you for his first few months. Keep things simple and start with just a bassinet. Ours doubles as a swing so 2 items in 1!
  4. Baby Wipes/Diapers: An obvious necessity and something you will be needing lots of!
  5. Changing Pad: You don’t need a whole table for this, grab a portable changing pad so you can easily change baby in any room.
  6. Baby Carrier: This may not seem like an obvious minimalist choice, but I think you will become very dependent on this one! A good baby wrap lets you carry baby close to you all day while keeping your hands free. Not only is this good for baby bonding and keeping fussy babies happy, it also allows you to get stuff done around the house.
  7. Large pack of onesies: A pack of basic white onesies can get you pretty far in the first few weeks of life. Remember, baby won’t be going outside the house for the first several weeks, so keep the outfits simple.
  8. Swaddles: Newborns need to be swaddled so buy a few and grab some from the hospital when you deliver. Also remember, some swaddles double as a car seat canopy, blanket, and breastfeeding cover!
  9. Breast Pump or Formula: If you plan to breastfeed, your health insurance will provide you with a free breast pump. Just ask your doctor for a prescription about 6 weeks before your due date and then call your insurance company. If you are not planning to breast feed, start stocking up on formula. Make sure you get as many samples as you can find since you don’t know which one your baby will tolerate.
  10. Milk/Formula storage kit: I am in love with our Kiinde System. It has bags that attach directly to the pump and then easily convert into a bottle. Find a system that will grow with your child and provides easy storage for breast milk. If you aren’t using bags, make sure you stock up on bottles.

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