In A Rut? Take your Vitameatavegamin!

I couldn’t resist the I Love Lucy reference there! That is by far, one of the best episodes:

This past month was a tough one, I didn’t have time to update my blog, I got sick, and I was on a rotation requiring 12 hour work days 6 days a week. Top it all off with my knee still not working and not being able to work-out, it was not my best look!

We all get in ruts from time-to-time, but it is tricky getting out of that rut. For me, I just felt so crappy that I knew the second I got off my rotation I needed to make some changes. First, I went to a sports medicine doctor to have my knee injected. He also agreed HIIT was out and banned me to the pool. Next up, I sadly cancel that HIIT membership and found a local gym where I could swim. These steps alone made me start feeling better. I feel better when I’m active so having a plan to workout was an instant mood boost.

Next on my list, sleep!!! I was exhausted and was struggling to kick my head cold. I took a week of lazy time, going to bed early and only waking when I had to go to work. It felt amazing! After I was well rested, Marwan and I started having more date nights and time away from residency and stress. These three things pretty much snapped me out of it and I am feeling back to normal. Most people can get start feeling better on their own with some simple changes.

3 steps to get out of a rut:

  1. Decide you need a change. Pick that one thing that is bugging you the most and take the steps to change it.
  2. Exercise! Even just getting outside and walking helps you release those feel good chemicals in your brain.
  3. Plan more activities with friends and loved ones. Usually when we are in a rut, we tend to become hermits. Get out more and socialize!

For some, it can take a lot more to start feeling better. If you find that despite your best efforts, you continue to feel down and stuck, go talk to your doctor. Counseling, life coaches, and sometimes a temporary medication, can all help you make changes in the right direction.

If you happen to notice a seasonality to your feeling down, talk to your doctor about a condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. This is more common than most realize.

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