Food Prep Sunday – Why You Should Be Doing It

I have gotten a few questions about my weekly food prep so here it is! I will to post about this from time-to-time and share some of my favorite recipes with you as we go.

I food prep once per week, usually Sunday, and I make enough meals for my lunches, both my husbands and my dinners, and some snacks. A pan of grilled or steamed veggies can be used all week for a side dish. I also keep salad ingredients on hand with all the vegetables pre sliced so I can just toss it together while I heat up the entrée. When I go grocery shopping for the week, I have a list made in advance so I don’t grab unnecessary food and I don’t have to go back several times for missing items. I also make sure to grab whatever veggies that look good that I can chop up and put in snack baggies so I can grab them each morning. These make easy in between meal snacks that are low-calorie and nutrient dense!

Why I Food Prep:

  1. Time Saving: I usually get my weekly food prep done in about one hour each week. This is all my lunches, mine and my husbands dinners, and some snacks for the entire week. I just grab what I need to take in the morning and throw it in a bag. No thought needed at 4:30am!
  2. I eat healthier: Planning it out allows me to choose healthy options and since I have it all prepared and ready to go, I don’t have weak moments of grabbing the nearest carb-loaded snack. When all of my fruits and vegetables are washed and sorted into snack size bags, they work as easy as grabbing that bag of chips.
  3. I save money: I buy my groceries once per week and only need ingredients for one recipe. I don’t meander through the store picking up anything that looks yummy for 5 different meals that I may or may not get around to making.
  4. I eat out less: If I already have my lunch and dinner ready, no need to grab something quick on the way home!

Food prep

Food Prep
Dinner, lunch, 2 breakfasts, snacks, and frozen bananas for smoothies.


If you want to see what I prep each week, follow me on SnapChat, melissajadough, where I usually prep on Sunday. I will also start putting the basic recipes I use on the snaps. When picking recipes, remember that you are eating it all week so make sure it sounds really yummy! I don’t follow too many people on snap chat, but I do follow Chontel Duncan who gives me lots of good ideas and motivation for healthy eating. Of course, Pinterest is a great resource for recipes as well.

On Snapchat now I am cooking a new recipe, Thai Basil Eggplant.

Do you meal prep? Comment below with some of your favorite recipes.

2 Replies to “Food Prep Sunday – Why You Should Be Doing It”

  1. I don’t meal prep much, but when I do, it’s always so great and makes cooking through the week super easy! BTW…if you snap and post a pic of the Thai Basil Eggplant on IG let me know! It’s my most popular recipe and a favorite of mine! Thanks for trying it out!

    1. My husband and I loved the recipe! It is up now on IG, it was up on snap from yesterday when I prepped. Thank you so much for the recipe, it will definitely be going into the mix of food prep recipes for us!

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