A Summary of Our Family Vacation to Cancun

Family Vacation

Did you know that in 2015 an estimated 658 million paid vacation days in America were not used?! Our workaholic personalities have stooped to a new low. It is so important to get away from your daily life, get away from the work, stress, and your daily to-do list. This keeps us sane and balanced. Marwan and I love traveling, and we especially love the ocean. It calms us and lets us escape our minds for a short time. When we choose our vacations, we usually look for a water destination.

Traveling and the cost of a vacation is often stressful but choosing even a small, local getaway can help you unwind and relax. Spending quality time with loved ones without work and cell phone distractions is great for strengthening relationships.

Work is often placed first and our family second. Stepping away from that environment helps you remember what matters most, family.

Cancun, Mexico

During our first visit to Cancun, we stayed at Excellence Playa Mujeres which is an all-inclusive resort for adults. We loved it, and the fact that it was all-inclusive meant no stress about what we were spending since it was already paid for!

For this trip, we stayed at the Ritz Carlton Cancun because this is where the wedding was taking place. They had great amenities and several restaurants on site. The view from our room was also spectacular! Next time you plan a trip to Cancun, make sure you plan to visit La Habichuela. They had amazing food and an unbelievable margarita!

So use those vacation days America! Get out and explore; learn to appreciate the world around you.





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