A Big Thank You to Elizabeth Blackwell!

Guess what today is? It’sĀ National Women Physician Day! You just knew I wouldn’t let this day slide by without mention šŸ˜‰

National Women Physician Day
Excluding those three attending, my class has 13 males and 8 females. Getting close on that 50/50…
National Women Physician Day
I would trust these female physicians with my life! Some of the best doctors and friends I have ever met.
National Women Physician Day
A rare white coat shot!
National Women Physician Day
We even let our male counterparts practice on us!

National Women Physician Day

Today, February 3rd, is Elizabeth Blackwell’s birthday. So who is Elizabeth Blackwell?Ā Glad you asked! She is the first female to graduate from a US medical school and earn a medical degree, as well as the first woman on the UK medical registry. Having National Women Physician Day on her birthday is the perfect tribute. She is the reason I am here and able to do what I love, no questions asked. Ok, not really no questions, there are always those out there that can’t wrap their mind around a female physician. But I certainly have it easier than her!

We Keep Making Progress

While women continue to push through the sexist and ignorant comments, we have made so much progress. Remember that great article I shared with you showing better patient outcomes when treated by female physicians? I still chuckle at that one!Ā And what aboutĀ Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green, a female physicist who is making unbelievable breakthroughs in cancer research.

They Can’t Stop Us

While women in science will continue to have their critics, eh hem Breitbart.com actually suggested we cap the number of females allowed to study the sciences. Yeah, it really pains me to even put a link to that website, but read for yourselves. Or how about that article on Macleans.ca that attempted to blame female physicians for the Canadian doctor shortage. Seems they are really concerned that they are about to be outnumbered…

Some Amazing Women Scientists

But despite it all, women scientists and physicians have pushed on and made amazing advances. Ever heard of the Red Cross? Founded by female physician Clara Barton! Maria Montessori? A female physician who developed the Montessori school system. Virginia Apgar created that little Apgar scoring system that we still use today. Not enough for you? Check out some other websites like MedicalDaily.com or thisĀ post on CNN.com documenting some of the amazing contributions to medicine by female physicians. So all you female physicians out there, keep it up! Encourage those young women around you and don’t give up on your own dreams.

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