Daily Sun Protection for 3 Forgotten Body Parts

While we all know to cover our face with sunscreen, there are other body parts we tend to forget. Of course, we cover everything when we go to the beach or pool. But what about the day-to-day sun exposure on the rest of our body?

Daily Sun Protection

Skin cancer doesn’t just happen because of a bad sunburn at the beach or an exposed face during summer. Skin cancer is more frequently on the left side of the face and arm because of driving. It frequently occurs on top of mens’ ears and the back of their heads due to a lack of hair for protection. So as Skin Cancer Awareness Month comes to an end, lets focus on those forgotten body parts.

3 Forgotten Body Parts That Need Daily Sun Protection

  1. Hands and Arms
    • Wear sunscreen on your arms and hands every day. This should be a part of your face routine to make it a daily habit.
    • If you are in a profession that requires a lot of car time, consider purchasing clothing and gloves with a high UPF.
    • Many exercise clothing lines sell long sleeve shirts that are breathable for summer and have a high UPF.
    • Here is a link to some good driving gloves. And remember that these don’t have to be worn just for driving. Wear them anytime you are exposing your hands to direct sunlight and don’t have sunscreen on.
    • Most women keep a small lotion with them. Switch it out for a lotion with sunscreen so you continue to reapply it throughout the day.
  2. Ears and Head
    • Wear a hat to cover that bald spot or your ears.
    • For women, hats are a stylish accessory and they tend to have a wider brim to cover your ears.
    • For men, wearing a baseball hat is good but many professions won’t allow this. Invest in a good SPF spray so you can spray the back of your head before heading out.
    • Always extend your face SPF to your ears every morning.
  3. Chest and Neck
    • The easiest way to protect this area is to extend your face SPF down.
    • If you purchased some UPF shirts, these tend to cover your chest but not your neck.

By protecting these areas from sun, you not only prevent cancer but you prevent aging! Here are some good tips on what you need to know when purchasing a sunscreen.

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