2 Easy Steps to Sandal-Ready Feet

Spring has officially begun and temperatures are starting to warm up, time to get out your summer wardrobe! Are your feet sandal-ready?

This is my favorite time of the year, I hate the cold. I love spring and summer clothes which means wedges and sandals are back in season. But winter can dry up every ounce of moisture you have in your skin, leaving you with dry, cracked skin. Now is the time to get sandal-ready feet.

Sandal-Ready Feet

Pedicures are helpful and using a daily lotion also cuts back on the flaky skin. But your feet have a thicker skin that requires more intense therapy. There are plenty of tools out there that will shave and file the dead skin away, but that doesn’t heal the skin and prevent the flakes from coming back.

Sandal-Ready Feet in 2 Easy Steps:

  1. Start with a thick cream to moisturize. I recommend Cetaphil or CeraVe, no lotions. Apply the cream to your feet, or any other dry body part, 2-3 times daily for 3 days.
  2. Once your skin is nice and soft, replace one of your cream applications with a cream that contains salicylic acid. One of the best is this CeraVe SA cream. It would be best to do this at night, when the salicylic acid can remain on your feet the longest. Consider getting some overnight socks to prevent the cream from absorbing into your sheets instead of your skin. Continue to use the regular cream 1-2 times daily in addition to the once nightly application of salicylic acid.

Sandal-Ready Feet


That’s it! A very simple solution to a common problem. Once your skin is well moisturized from the regular cream, the salicylic acid will easily penetrate through the rough layers and exfoliate your dry patches. I would continue this as long as possible to help promote healthy skin and to keep the dry patches away.

Sunless Tanning Troubles

This also works well for those of you who have problems with home tanners. Tanning creams are soaked up readily by dry skin, especially y the hands, feet, elbows, and knees. Is is best to use this system prior to starting the tanning so you have only soft healthy skin. But if you are already using tanners, just use the creams in-between applications to help keep the dry skin away.

*Do not use the salicylic acid cream if you are pregnant. A different option would be to use a manual exfoliator on your heels and then apply the regular cream 2-3 times daily.

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