My 1st Trimester Saviors That You Must Try Yourself

A few days ago, I woke up feeling great. My morning sickness has backed off and I am finally feeling rested. I wanted to capitalize on this so I spent the first hour of the morning getting the house clean and getting ready for work. Then the nausea hit me. And it hit hard! I ran to my purse to grab a Preggie Pop because I absolutely didn’t want to start throwing up. I popped it in my mouth and waited for the magic.

Not more than 10 seconds after I get the damn thing in my mouth, do I start having a sneeze attack. No less than 15 very violent sneezes. At about sneeze 7, the preggie pop flies out of my mouth, across the room. Spike then makes a dive for it, and I for him, all while trying to grab a tissue as I continued to sneeze. I fortunately never threw up, Spike didn’t get that Preggie Pop, and the sneezing eventually stopped. As everything calmed down, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror; I looked like I had just gone threw a battle, red nose, pale face, and hair a mess! I was at home alone and started to laugh hysterically at myself. So the first trimester is done but on to the next!

My view of my 16 week belly
My view of my 16 week belly

Despite my very graceful morning, I have had some success finding products that are making my pregnancy more tolerable and wanted to share them with you, since I already shared my miseries!

1st Trimester Saviors

My 1st Trimester Life Saviors

  1. Preggie Pops! I thought these were just an impulse buy at the checkout of Motherhood Maternity. But nothing had really worked that great and they were only $5, so why not. Turns out they were magic for me. They aren’t really sweet, more on the sour scale. They are just sour enough to make your mouth water a little bit and that seems to knock the nausea right out. I truly wish I had these from day one.
  2. Trader Joe’s Organic Dill Pickle Spears. Ok, so what is so different about these than other pickles? They aren’t so sour that I am stuck eating only one! That’s right, I can eat the whole jar if I so desire. They have enough sour to kick nausea and make a delicious snack, but not so sour that I can only manage to get through one.1st Trimester Saviors
  3. Maternity work pants. Now I know many of you will say that it is way too early for maternity pants. I agree, I wasn’t really showing at all. But, I was having that awful bloating after each meal and my work clothes would become unbelievably uncomfortable after lunch. I broke down and got a pair of black maternity classes and I was so much more comfortable.
  4. MiraLAX. I didn’t start experiencing constipation in the first trimester, but this product still helped with the bloating. I continue to take one packet three times per week just to help with the bloating and the constipation. MiraLAX IS NOT absorbed so it is completely safe to be used everyday.1st Trimester Saviors
  5. Water. This sounds silly but I finally caved and started drinking the recommended 96 ounces of water a day. I truly felt better staying this hydrated. It also helped a lot with the bloat! Downside, I already was having to pee too much, now I go every hour.1st Trimester Saviors

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